Wall Mount Scales – Which One is Right for Your Facility?

This week we announced in a press release the introduction of our newest member of wall mount scales, the SR7020i extra-large wall mount hospital stretcher scale. This brings our current lineup of space-saving wall mount scales to three models to choose from. So, which one is right for your facility? That depends upon your applications and where the scale is to be used.

Each of our three wall mount scales (the SR7000i, the SR7010i, and the new SR7020i) have this in common:

  • They all occupy less than four inches (4”) of wall space when not in use as the weighing platforms easily fold up against the wall. This helps keep hallways clear for people, staff, and equipment being transported.
  • They all have gas-assist springs for lowering and raising the platforms, making it safe and easy for caregivers to weigh patients.
  • Each of these scales comes with the longest warranty in the industry: FOUR YEARS.
  • They are made in the USA.
  • They all have a 1,000 lb capacity, and have the option for a printer output or serial data output for EHR systems.

Beyond that, each is designed for specialized applications, depending upon your requirements. Here’s a quick summary of each of these wall mount scales:

  • The SR7000i wall mount wheelchair scale is primarily used in environments like dialysis centers or long-term care facilities to monitor weight of patients restricted to wheelchairs. Wheelchair access can be for standard-sized devices or bariatric wheelchairs with a wheelbase of up to 40”. Top weighing surface is 24” x 40.75”. A video of the scale can be assessed here http://bit.ly/SR-Scales-SR7000i.
  • The SR7010i is an ambulance gurney wall mount scale that is primarily designed for busy ER centers where incoming patients can be weighed on ambulance gurneys as needed. Of course, standard wheelchair weighing along with ambulatory patients can also be accommodated on this platform. Top weighing surface is 38” x 48”. For more information, you can see the product video here http://bit.ly/SR-Scales-SR7010i.
  • The SR7020i is our newest wall mount scale and is designed for hospital stretcher scales where a longer platform is needed to weigh patients on large hospital stretchers. Top weighing surface is 38” x 58” while the entire weighing surface with ramps measures an impressive 38” x 67.2”. Additional specifications on this scale can be accessed here http://bit.ly/SR7020i-Brochure

You can view the entire line of our wall mount scales on our website at https://srinstruments.com/category/medical-wall-mount-scales


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