New In-floor Scale for Hospitals and Dialysis Clinics

Here at SR, we’ve been building in-floor scales for decades. Our two primary models offered flexible sizes for weighing applications in dialysis centers and hospitals needing to weigh patients in wheelchairs or with walkers. This week we are announcing the availability of our largest in-floor weighing system to date – the SR463iR-4. The new built-in scale measures 4’ x 6’, can weigh patients in bariatric wheelchairs or hospital stretchers, and all with .1% accuracy. This brings our number of in-floor scale systems to three highly accurate scales. The wall mounted rotating display can be ordered with a built-in printer for confirmation of a patient’s weight. Standard for all our in-floor systems, our product warranty is four years. For more information on these made in the USA scales, you can access our press release at or call us at 800-654-6360.