Product of the Month – the SR755i, multi-purpose scale: a true workhorse for your hospital!

Over the years we’ve seen many of our scales develop positive reputations in the medical  community. One such scale that has been steadily relied upon by a variety of departments is the SR755i Multi-purpose Wheelchair scale.

This workhorse of a product has won the admiration of both nursing staff and biomedical personnel with its numerous features and rugged durability. In fact, we recently took one in for repair. We knew it was old from the model number which was a predecessor to the SR755i; same base but older display. However we didn’t know how old it was until we researched it and found it to be 20 years old! The scale was in remarkably good condition and repairs were only minor. We needed to recalibrate the load cells in the platform and replace the feet on the base of the unit. Once completed, the scale was ready to go and was shipped back to its owner with a new calibration certificate.

Beyond the rugged durability of the SR755i, its many features enable it to service a variety of departments within a medical or long-term care facility. A few of the many standout features of this popular scale include:

• Large 28” x 28” base, making it ideal as a bariatric stand-on scale (1000 lb capacity).
• Fold down ramps enable it to become an accurate wheelchair scale.
• Easy and safe for staff to transport from room to room with its “Tip and Go!” wheels and light-weight cast aluminum frame.
• Support handles are part of the weight surface, enabling patients to comfortably hold on for stability without affecting the weighing process.
• Made in the USA with a FOUR YEAR warranty – providing an improved ROI for purchasing departments.

We’ve provided a short product video that can be viewed here:

If your facility would like to evaluate an SR755i, give us a call at 716-693-5977 to arrange an onsite demonstration meeting with one of our nationwide representatives.


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