Talkin’ Vet Tech at Medaille College in Rochester


We recently participated as guest presenters at Medaille College’s Rochester, NY location as they hosted a Vet Tech Lunch & Learn for prospective students.

For the students, this event enabled them to get a first-hand look at Medaille College’s AAS program for Veterinarian Technicians and gain a better understanding of the coursework required. Medaille’s vet tech program prepares students to take the VTNE exam and launch their careers as veterinarian technicians. Prospective students were able to tour classrooms, meet with college administration, and learn what is needed to complete their applications in time for the fall 2015 semester.

For us at SR Instruments, the Lunch & Learn was a great way for us to get to know some of the future vet techs of Western NY. It also gave us the opportunity to share real-world stories we’ve encountered at vet clinics and zoos over the past 20 years.

Having the opportunity to meet with veterinarians and zoo keepers from all across the country has given our team of design engineers and technicians a wealth of experience in understanding the many responsibilities veterinarians face on a daily basis. It has also given us keen insights on the importance and challenges in weighing animals. We’ve taken this understanding to heart in designing leading edge scales that make it easy for vet techs to obtain vital weight data as well as a comfortable process for the animals.

One tip we shared was adding built in platform scales to newly designed vet clinics that match the flooring of the facilities. This prevents animals from viewing a matted scale as a hole in the ground and then becoming unwilling to walk or stand on the scale. Animals need to feel safe and secure when they are on a scale. With that in mind, our platform scales in use at many established vet centers, are low profile, rugged, non-slip, quiet and use a four load cell design. Scales that are spring-activated may seem, from an animal’s perspective, unstable to walk on, and often make noise which makes the weighing process more difficult and potentially inaccurate.

We’re thankful to Medaille College for setting up this event and allowing us to participate. This type of venue is a great way to share ideas and meet new people. We wish these students success in their endeavors to become veterinarian technicians.


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