How do you weigh an elephant? With our new Wireless App!

If you would have asked us years ago when we started building SR Scales if we would ever be building wireless apps we would have scratched our heads and wondered what on earth you were talking about!

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But now in this age of mobile devices and tablets it’s a forgone conclusion that the future of data and weight information is by no means limited to embedded platforms, load cells, software, and integrated PCs.

Advances in wireless technologies enable a new wave of next-generation devices that can capture data, store it, display it, and plot it on charts and diagrams.

For SR Instruments, our entry into wireless scale development begins with our zoological line of new SR Scales, specifically with our large platform systems. These scales are designed to provide accurate weight data for large animals such as elephants and rhinos. This month we are excited to share that we have successfully installed this new SR Scale at the Buffalo Zoo. You can access our press release here:

Specific to this new large animal platform scale is the SR Scales Zoo App, built to run on the Android™ platform. This app is a finalist in the 2015 InfoTech Niagara BETA awards for Best Mobile App. We’ve recently completed a few videos of the new scale and app in use at the Buffalo Zoo. You can view these videos from the SR Instruments YouTube channel here:

We’ll continue to develop new features for this and other products in the SR Scales Veterinarian and Zoological products, including apps for Apple® devices. Feel free to drop us a line on any suggestions you have for your favorite SR Scale at


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