Weighing in on Waterpark Ride Safety – SR Scales at Darien Lake

Dl-11-all2If you haven’t been to a theme park in a few years, you’re in for a real treat – although you’d better hurry if you plan on going soon as the summer season is just about over! Ride manufacturers have been busy designing some amazing, new high-thrill rides over the past few years that are now in operation. Waterparks too, have their own new rides that they’ve installed for this summer’s eager crowds.

In western NY, Darien Lake Theme Park Resort installed a new waterpark attraction this spring called, Brain Drain. This exciting water ride features two 70-feet tall water slides, each at 333 feet in length, and uses a SkyBOX™ launch system that releases riders from the top of the slide for a high speed drop.

Safety and fun are two primary goals at the park. While many of us are familiar with height restrictions that ride manufacturers have in place to ensure guest safety, a more recent requirement at waterpark rides are weight limits at these highly-engineered attractions. Being underweight or overweight on a particular waterpark ride can impact guest safety. As an extra safety feature, Darien Lake decided to integrate a pair of SR Waterpark Scales at Brain Drain.

We recently visited Darien Lake to produce a video on how our SR Waterpark Scales are used at Brain Drain. Our video crew from the award-winning videography firm, Electronic Field Productions, joined us as we met with the park’s Public Relations Manager Amber Ciesiulka, as she explained the use of SR Scales at Brain Drain. You can access the press release and video from the following links:

Press Release: http://bit.ly/PR-SR-Scales-at-Darien-Lake

Video: http://bit.ly/SR-Scales-at-Darien-Lake


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