SR Scales Introduces Antimicrobial Scales

This week we are excited to share that we have officially launched our antimicrobial scales featuring Microban® technology. SR Scales infused with Microban technology feature added protection against the growth of bacteria and the technology will be included in all our medical stand-on, wheelchair, and wall mount scales at no additional cost.

To help introduce our antimicrobial scales, we have put together a short video on this exciting development that can be viewed from this link:

As hospitals and medical centers with multiple locations seek to standardize on scales throughout their facilities, SR Scales provide a wide range antimicrobial products to select from for most every weighing application. SR Scales infused with Microban do not replace existing cleaning practices at medical facilities, but rather complement existing cleaning protocols. Surface areas that contain the antimicrobial protection include the platform, handrails, stanchions, display housing, keypad, and visible labeling.

A press release on the announcement can be accessed here:

For more information on Microban technology visit: