Product of the Month – the SR241: Portable & Perfect for House Calls!





Remember the old slogan, “Two for the price of one?” That’s how we arrived at the model number for one of our more intriguing scales, the SR241 (two-for-one). This portable, road-worthy scale was designed for medical professionals who need to have a lightweight scale that can double as a pediatric scale as well as a patient stand-on scale.

As with many of our scales, this one too, was based on customer feedback. In this case, we received a request from a medical services organization specializing in visits to house-bound patients. As part of their required diagnostic services, an ultra-lightweight scale was needed. Other design requirements included:

• Scale needed to work as a portable infant scale as well as weigh adults
• Had to be easy to transport to and from residential homes and small enough to fit in a single car seat or small trunk
• Rugged construction
• Scale housing (shell) also needed to be void of crevices that could attract dirt and insects
• Moisture resistant and easy to clean
• Accurate with repeatable weighing functions
• Digital readout and low-powered for long battery life
• Ability to weigh in pounds and ounces as well as kilograms
• Optional carrying case

All of these requirements were met with the dual purpose weighing system we call the SR241. This unique scale features a removable baby tray. So after weighing adults, the slide-on tray can be quickly added to take an infant’s weight. As a special add-on feature we call “Baby-Mode”, a parent can stand on the scale and the parent’s weight is then zeroed out. Next, the parent can be given their infant to hold which permits the scale to easily obtain the baby’s weight.

You can learn more about the SR241 including a product video at:

If your facility would like to evaluate an SR241, give us a call at 716-693-5977 to arrange an onsite demonstration meeting with one of our nationwide representatives.


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