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January blog

As usual at this time of year in Western NY, the winds are blowing, temperatures are below freezing, and lake effect snow is in the forecast. Nevertheless, our manufacturing team is busy with new orders for our SR Scales.

Like other companies, as the old year was winding down and the New Year was approaching, we took the time to evaluate what additional tools would be most appropriate to add to our manufacturing systems line up.

As an ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility, we own and operate over a half-a-dozen CNC milling machines as well as a number of other production equipment. These tools enable us to take raw products, such as steel and other materials, then cut, drill, and assemble precision-made load cells with our electronic assemblies, displays, and scale platforms.

After discussions with our production managers and team members, we selected on a number of new devices to add to our production floor. The first is a Hydmech VW-18, precision miter saw. If you’ve been following our news releases this past year, you’ll note that we rolled out a new wall-mount scale, the SR7010i (see the press release here). This scale, along with its smaller version, the SR7000i (watch the video here), require precision-made frames to support the high-performance weighing platforms. Our new miter saw enables us to keep the frame production in-house along with better monitoring of cut tolerances for our wall mount scales and other product designs.

We then added a new vacuum lift system in our shipping department. This two-piece integrated lift system (Gorbell / Vaculux) enables our shipping department to more efficiently (and easily) move our scales in their shipping containers to final loading placement as we schedule their delivery to medical facilities across the country.

So as 2016 begins in earnest, we look forward to working with our customers and learning more about their requirements for weighing solutions and products. And admittedly, we also look forward to a warm spring and even warmer summer! Let us know if we can help your facility with a new scale this year – we can be reached at

Patents, Prototypes, and Rapid Production


One of the many advantages of being a niche medical device manufacturing firm is the ability to envision and rapidly create compelling new solutions for our customers. From the onset of our company’s founding back in 1973, our goal was to provide our customers with specific solutions that are finely tuned and engineered to their exacting requirements. This is even more critical in the medical equipment market where accuracy and attention to detail are paramount.

At SR Instruments, our engineering team is actively involved in creating innovative weighing solutions that can be rapidly designed, prototyped, and manufactured to meet tight production deadlines for our OEM customers. Our design team of engineers has a combined experience level of over 100 years in electrical, mechanical, and software design for weighing technologies. Combined with numerous patents on weighing systems, we can help our customers incorporate innovative designs and reliable components as part of their overall new product. Here’s a quick summary of our approach:

1) Define Your Product

Our design team can engage with your product managers to scope out your project. This comprehensive discovery process enables us to understand your goals for your new product. Topics covered in our initial discussions include:

  • Product definition
  • Systems integration and engineering design
  • Time-to-market needs and product life-cycle support

2) Prototype, Test, Refine.

Once a thorough understanding of the product requirements is obtained, we can begin the rapid prototyping process that enables you to quickly incorporate initial product concepts into your products. From CAD systems and 3D printing capabilities, to in-house manufacturing, your product can be quickly designed, built, and refined for final approval.

3) Approve and Produce

Once you have evaluated and approved your company branded, “SR Inside” solution, our own USA-based, ISO manufacturing facilities here in Western NY quickly produces, tests, and delivers final product to meet your time table.

Let us know if there’s a new product in your future – the solution may arrive quicker than you think!

Road Show – Coming to a Trade Show Near You!


Fall is one of our busier times for trade shows as we get a chance to meet with the people who are actively involved with either using our purpose-built scales or who provide recommendations to use products. It’s also a time for us to listen and gather information on how new features can be added to our current and future products under development to make them even better.

This year we are attending a number of new events in the medical space, as well as some of our traditional venues in our other markets. At many of these conferences and trade shows we’ll be demonstrating our new products. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you at one of these events, so stop by and say, “Hello!”

For more information and a full listing of dates and location for these events, please visit our News & Events webpage at:

And of course, we invite you to catch up on our new product videos we’ve been producing this year. You can view many of our new and innovative products and applications for our purpose-built weighing solutions on the SR YouTube Channel:

Weighing in on Waterpark Ride Safety – SR Scales at Darien Lake

Dl-11-all2If you haven’t been to a theme park in a few years, you’re in for a real treat – although you’d better hurry if you plan on going soon as the summer season is just about over! Ride manufacturers have been busy designing some amazing, new high-thrill rides over the past few years that are now in operation. Waterparks too, have their own new rides that they’ve installed for this summer’s eager crowds.

In western NY, Darien Lake Theme Park Resort installed a new waterpark attraction this spring called, Brain Drain. This exciting water ride features two 70-feet tall water slides, each at 333 feet in length, and uses a SkyBOX™ launch system that releases riders from the top of the slide for a high speed drop.

Safety and fun are two primary goals at the park. While many of us are familiar with height restrictions that ride manufacturers have in place to ensure guest safety, a more recent requirement at waterpark rides are weight limits at these highly-engineered attractions. Being underweight or overweight on a particular waterpark ride can impact guest safety. As an extra safety feature, Darien Lake decided to integrate a pair of SR Waterpark Scales at Brain Drain.

We recently visited Darien Lake to produce a video on how our SR Waterpark Scales are used at Brain Drain. Our video crew from the award-winning videography firm, Electronic Field Productions, joined us as we met with the park’s Public Relations Manager Amber Ciesiulka, as she explained the use of SR Scales at Brain Drain. You can access the press release and video from the following links:

Press Release:


Talkin’ Vet Tech at Medaille College in Rochester


We recently participated as guest presenters at Medaille College’s Rochester, NY location as they hosted a Vet Tech Lunch & Learn for prospective students.

For the students, this event enabled them to get a first-hand look at Medaille College’s AAS program for Veterinarian Technicians and gain a better understanding of the coursework required. Medaille’s vet tech program prepares students to take the VTNE exam and launch their careers as veterinarian technicians. Prospective students were able to tour classrooms, meet with college administration, and learn what is needed to complete their applications in time for the fall 2015 semester.

For us at SR Instruments, the Lunch & Learn was a great way for us to get to know some of the future vet techs of Western NY. It also gave us the opportunity to share real-world stories we’ve encountered at vet clinics and zoos over the past 20 years.

Having the opportunity to meet with veterinarians and zoo keepers from all across the country has given our team of design engineers and technicians a wealth of experience in understanding the many responsibilities veterinarians face on a daily basis. It has also given us keen insights on the importance and challenges in weighing animals. We’ve taken this understanding to heart in designing leading edge scales that make it easy for vet techs to obtain vital weight data as well as a comfortable process for the animals.

One tip we shared was adding built in platform scales to newly designed vet clinics that match the flooring of the facilities. This prevents animals from viewing a matted scale as a hole in the ground and then becoming unwilling to walk or stand on the scale. Animals need to feel safe and secure when they are on a scale. With that in mind, our platform scales in use at many established vet centers, are low profile, rugged, non-slip, quiet and use a four load cell design. Scales that are spring-activated may seem, from an animal’s perspective, unstable to walk on, and often make noise which makes the weighing process more difficult and potentially inaccurate.

We’re thankful to Medaille College for setting up this event and allowing us to participate. This type of venue is a great way to share ideas and meet new people. We wish these students success in their endeavors to become veterinarian technicians.

Here at SSR-Blog-Image-June2015R Instruments, we take pride in designing, manufacturing, and supporting our complete line of SR Scales. Over the years, we developed a wide range of innovative weighing solutions that have met a number of unique design challenges. We’ll be sharing some of these applications over the next several months, so check back often.

For each new scale introduced, a combination of electronics, mechanical design, and manufacturing excellence go into the process. To summarize, here are the primary ingredients to make a purpose-built, SR Scale.

1. Customer Input

We continually receive (and welcome!) requests from healthcare professionals who have a new idea or an unmet need for a particular feature that would make their use of gathering weight data easier for their busy schedules.

2. Innovative Mindset

We thrive on these challenges and look to incorporate customer ideas and feedback into new products that will meet the needs of the medical community who purchase and use our scales. As new innovations continue to be developed in medical technology, so too, our scales are continuously being refined, re-engineered, and retooled to meet new demands. Our design team is continuously exploring new ways to build and innovate.

 3. Precision-Manufacturing Capabilities

What good is a great concept if you can’t build it? At our manufacturing facilities here in western New York, we’ve invested in high-performance manufacturing capabilities and electronics assembling that enable us to be totally immersed from initial product CAD renderings and on through to complete production, testing, and calibration. We also remain firmly committed to providing unparalleled customer support and technical service to each and every scale we build. That’s why many of the scales we’ve designed and manufactured years ago are still in service today.

Want to know more? Watch our new SR Scales Overview video and let us know how we can meet your requirements for a purpose-built weighing solution that is right for your facilities.

If you would have asked us years ago when we started building SR Scales if we would ever be building wireless apps we would have scratched our heads and wondered what on earth you were talking about!

SRV714 Blog photo(2)

But now in this age of mobile devices and tablets it’s a forgone conclusion that the future of data and weight information is by no means limited to embedded platforms, load cells, software, and integrated PCs.

Advances in wireless technologies enable a new wave of next-generation devices that can capture data, store it, display it, and plot it on charts and diagrams.

For SR Instruments, our entry into wireless scale development begins with our zoological line of new SR Scales, specifically with our large platform systems. These scales are designed to provide accurate weight data for large animals such as elephants and rhinos. This month we are excited to share that we have successfully installed this new SR Scale at the Buffalo Zoo. You can access our press release here:

Specific to this new large animal platform scale is the SR Scales Zoo App, built to run on the Android™ platform. This app is a finalist in the 2015 InfoTech Niagara BETA awards for Best Mobile App. We’ve recently completed a few videos of the new scale and app in use at the Buffalo Zoo. You can view these videos from the SR Instruments YouTube channel here:

We’ll continue to develop new features for this and other products in the SR Scales Veterinarian and Zoological products, including apps for Apple® devices. Feel free to drop us a line on any suggestions you have for your favorite SR Scale at


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Just Weighing In…

Welcome to our new SR Instruments website! We look forward to sharing more information this year on the latest weighing solutions for healthcare, veterinarian, zoological, and aquatic applications. For over 40 years, we’ve been providing innovative designs to solve some of the most challenging weight data problems across the globe.

For instance, this past year, we’ve seen how rugged, water-proof, in-floor platform scales have helped theme and water park managers provide safer rides for their guests while at the same time reducing insurance claims. We never would have imaged years ago when SR Instruments began that we would be able to help amusement parks operate more safely and efficiently. But times have changed since we’ve delivered our first medical scale years ago.

We’ve also taken our experience in electronic product design, precision manufacturing, and software engineering to other manufacturers who need this level of production and integration expertise for their own products. Our OEM capabilities have significantly expanded over the past several years with our made-in-the-USA approach to high-tech engineering and manufacturing.

For our premier SR Scales’ line, we have a number of new innovations that we’ll be introducing throughout the year, including new app-enabled scales. So take the time to review our new site and stop back often to learn how our purpose-built scales continue to provide the quality weighing solution companies and organizations have relied on for years.