Product of the Month – the SR7010i Stretcher Scale for Hospitals

sr-blog-jan-2017-sr7010iOver the past several years we have introduced a number of new medical scales. These weighing systems range from new stand-on scales to larger wall mount platform scales. A few of these products include:

  • The SR411i Patient Floor scale
  • The SR585i Stand-on Scale with wrap around handles for patient stability
  • And the SR7010i

Our product focus for January is our space-saving wall mount scale, the SR7010i. The story behind this product’s development reflects our commitment to custom-building scales to meet the requirements of our customers, be they in the medical market or the other markets we serve (Veterinarian, Zoological, and Waterparks).

A hospital representative contacted us after learning about our medical scales. They were looking for a new approach to handle their patient weighing requirements in a way that would allow them to have a single device that would be able to weigh patients in various stages of ambulatory care. Specifically, they wanted to have a device that could be used in place of ordering several scales such as a patient/bed lift scale, a wheel chair scale, and a stand-on scale that could accommodate a patient using a walker. One other important design feature that was needed was to have the new scale able to be easily stored away when not in use.

So our team of design engineers built a large platform scale that was able to support a thousand pounds. Using gas-powered springs, the platform could be easily lowered then raised up for storage when staff had finished weighing patients. The scale’s space-saving design took up less than five inches of wall space when not in use. The weighing surface of the new scale is large enough to accommodate a stretcher, handle motorized wheelchairs, and yet easy enough for a patient using a walker to stand on the platform.

Once completed, the new weighing system was installed and ready for active use. The project was so successful, that additional units were ordered and placed in strategic locations throughout the facility. Backing up the product’s durability is our 4-year warranty, the longest product warranty in the medical scale industry.

You can learn more about this device including a short video at:

If you have a need for a custom weighing solution at your hospital, you can contact us at 716-693-5977 to discuss how we can build the right solution for you, your staff, and your patients.

Long-Term Care Centers Taking Note of SR’s Wheelchair Scales

This year we have seen a number of long-term care (LTC) centers select SR Scales over their previous suppliers. (See a recent news release here: Several reasons are attributing to this growing trend.

First, from a purchasing point of view, SR Scales offer a better ROI for LTC facilities. Many of our medical scales are still in use after a dozen years or more of continuous service. This makes the true cost of ownership significantly less than having to replace scales every few years.

Second, we back our scales with the industry’s longest warranty – four years. This enables facility managers and biomedical managers to spend less time servicing scales and more time on other projects.

Third, we offer a number of popular wheelchair scales designed to meet a variety of applications in long-term care facilities. Our SR725i-L is a portable wheelchair scale that is made of aluminum instead of steel. This makes it lighter to transport and set up, then easily store it out of the way when not in use. In addition, the scale’s wide platform, low profile, and 1,000 pound capacity make it a versatile scale, able to comfortably handle larger, motorized wheelchairs.

This month we’ll be attending a number of long-term care events where you can check out these scales:

  • AHCA/NCAL 67th Annual Convention and Expo, October 16-19, 2016 in Nashville, TN, booth 824
  • LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo, October 30 – November 2, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN, booth 4625

If you’re attending one of these events, stop by and say “Hello!” And let us introduce you to the advantages of SR Scales for your facility.


SR Scales 3D Models Now Available for Use as Revit Content

Last Fall we attended a number conferences focusing on healthcare design architects and facility planners. As a supplier of medical weighing systems, we wanted to learn more about architectural requirements and specifically what architects need in additional resources from a manufacturer. These events were very helpful to us in better understanding the challenges faced by busy architects who design new hospitals and modern medical centers.

We learned from speaking with healthcare design architects from across the globe the importance of having medical devices and other products available in a 3D (three dimensional) file format for use in hospital design plans. As a result, we are now making available for use with Autodesk® Revit®, a number of our more popular medical scales.

Healthcare design architects, facility managers, and biomedical engineers requiring accurate 3D renderings of our scales for their facility plans can register on our website at to select the scale that meets their project design requirements. Once you have registered, you can download the files for use with Autodesk Revit versions 2015 thru 2017. If you need older Revit content, it can be provided back to Revit 2012 at your request.

(Autodesk and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and other countries. Other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.)



Another Month, Another Product Rollout! Introducing the SR411i Series of Scales – Low Profile and Ultra-wide.

SR-Blog-Image-June2016-BThis month we are thrilled to present a new type of scale for our customers in the medical community – the SR411i.

In reviewing our product line, we felt we had a gap and wanted to address it with a new scale. Our goal was to offer the same reliability and accuracy our customers expect from SR Scales, yet design the new scale for applications where a smaller device could be utilized.

Our new SR411i series of scales are ideal for surgical centers, telehealth applications, and other healthcare settings where a basic, rugged, and reliable weighing solution is needed. We took special care to come up with a purpose-built scale that would be wider than normal. We also designed it to have a low profile for people who find it difficult to step up onto a scale. This new scale provides patients with virtually effortless accessibility and standing comfort.

Depending upon your requirements, there are three versions of the SR411i scale, making it suitable for most any basic weighing application. The price range of the new scale series starts at $599
and goes to $799 depending upon weight capacity and other features. More info on the SR411i can be found at

You can also call us at 716-693-5977 to schedule a demo of the SR411i at your medical facility.

Introducing the SR585i – wide platform scale with wrap around handrails – See it at NTI2016!

585i-AThis month we are pleased to introduce a new scale to our family of robust, durable medical products, the SR585i stand-on scale. This scale provides acute care and long-term care centers with a new alternative for gathering patient weight data in a wider-based platform (18″ X 20″) with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Unique to this scale compared to other scales in our product line, are the wide-grip, wrap-around handles. These thicker handles are part of the weighing platform that assures stability for those patients needing extra support, without affecting the weight gathering process. In addition, our “Tip and Go” feature enables medical staff to easily transport the scale to other locations within their facilities. And of course, the 9 pin serial output can be used for a variety of options such as sending data to a printer or to your EHR system.

As with our other premium medical scales, the SR585i is backed by a four year parts and labor warranty. You can access more information on the SR585i at the following links:

We’ll be demonstrating the SR585i in booth 3209 at the upcoming 2016 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition in New Orleans, LA from May 16 – 19, 2016. If you’re there at the event, stop by and see this and other scales available for your medical center. Or call us at 716-693-5977 to schedule a demo at your location.

SR’s Trade Show in a Box – on the road to NTI 2016

TS-2016-TS-in-a-Box-02At SR Scales, we are gearing up for the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses’ National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition 2016. This year’s event will take place in New Orleans from May 17 – 19, and we’ll be in booth number 3209 (#NTI2016).

It’s been a while since we have attended this event and we look forward to meeting our customers and other medical professionals who use SR Scales.

At this year’s event we’ll be demonstrating several new scales as well as some of our more popular medical scales. To ship the five scales that will be on display, we’ve designed our shipping crate so that it becomes an integral part of our booth display, a true “trade show in a box” approach! A few of the medical scales we’ll be showcasing include:

  • The SR615 Pediatric Scale, our premier infant scale.
  • The SR7010i-P Space-saving Wall Mount Scale. This amazing multi-purpose scale was introduced last year. It easily folds up against a wall when not in use, and can weigh stretchers and wheelchairs up to 1,000 pounds.
  • The SR241 – a portable, light weight and dual-purpose scale designed for visiting nurses on the go who need a reliable scale that can weigh infants and adults.

So if you’re attending the event, we invite you to stop and a take a look at our latest medical scales for your facility.

Wild Wings to the Rescue!


At SR Scales, we manufacture a variety of medical scales for hospitals, long term care centers, and other medical applications requiring accurate weight data. In addition, we provide veterinarian and zoological scales for most every type of animal. Our vet scales can weigh some of the smallest animals and our zoo scales can handle some of the largest. (See our video on weighing elephants:

Recently we learned of a local wildlife rescue center called Wild Wings, located in the greater Rochester, NY region. This rescue center specializes in helping and sheltering permanently injured birds of prey which are unable to survive on their own in the wild.

Since 1995, this wild life sanctuary has been home to a wide range of raptor residents, from bald eagles, falcons, and hawks, to owls, vultures, and more. These magnificent birds, while naturally suited for the wild, need the dedicated care from the staff at Wild Wings. The birds typically arrive at the location severely injured as a result of any number of incidents, from gunshot and car accidents, to illegal pet trade.

Wild Wings is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and its numerous educational programs to provide primary funding. It is staffed with a well-informed and educated team of volunteers that provide care for the birds and the few resident animals at the location, including a bobcat named Tara. Private educational programs and seminars are offered to schools, clubs, and corporations that provide awareness of these birds and environmental conservation.

At a recent Winter Weekend event sponsored by Monroe County (NY), we visited the center and learned about Wild Wings and their facility to support the injured birds of prey. After walking through the facilities, we thought we might be able to provide some assistance to them in the form of several scale donations for their use.

Terry Kozakiewicz is the executive director of Wild Wings, and shared with us about Wild Wings and their mission.

Q: How does Wild Wings get notified of a bird needing assistance? 

Basically we get calls from vets or rehab specialists. Calls can come in from anywhere in the county: Alaska, Wyoming, Virginia, or the Carolina’s. Normally, we’re providing support at the end of a bird’s life. Think of us as the Senior Home for birds. The vets we hear from do the hard work – they work to restore a bird such as an owl or an eagle back to health. And they’ll want to know that afterwards, there’s someone like us to take care of these birds.

We also get local calls to assist on bird rescues where a bird might be caught in fence or tangled in fishing line. We even get some unusual calls for help, such as a bird caught in a Halloween display of a spider web.

How many birds do you typically support at one time?

We average around 28 to 30. We keep it at that due to costs as we only have a limited number of enclosures available. We do network with other licensed animal and bird sanctuaries if we get too crowded and need to provide an alternative source for a bird to reside. We currently have 28 now, but are able to take some additional smaller birds at this time. Spring time is our busy time of year as we get lots of calls. Typically young ones are still learning to fly and sometimes end up hitting buildings or other structures, or simply don’t know how to handle themselves in the wild.

WW-02-G-Eagle1Tell us about the importance of scales at Wild Wings.

Everything is weighed. Not just the birds, but what we feed them as well as what they don’t eat. We need to know it all. So even the food is weighed all the time – portioning is critical to the health of all birds. You just can’t guess on it – you need to know in order to properly maintain a bird’s health. Especially now that it’s winter, we need to make sure that the birds are getting enough to eat to maintain their health in the cold.

How often do you have to weigh the birds?

The birds themselves get weighed once a week. This allows us to better monitor their health. Often birds can mask an illness and look healthy, but weight can tell us whether a bird is healthy or not. In addition to risks of being underweight, overweight birds are not healthy birds, especially since they are on their feet all the time. So we also monitor for foot sores and other health issues.

Why are accurate scales important?

Our scales have to be accurate. The SR Scales allow us to monitor our birds’ health more precisely. When you have birds that weigh so little, you can’t rely on cheap scales that are not accurate. For example, if a small bird loses 30 grams, that’s huge. Standard scales don’t provide the accuracy and small, incremental weighing capabilities that we get with our SR Scales.

Are any of the birds able to return to the wild?

With the types of injuries the birds have, they are unable to return to the wild. Wild Wings is a permanent bird sanctuary. We take care of the birds for as long as they live. Plus, once they get used to their environment here at our sanctuary, they would not be able to successfully take care of themselves, even if they could.


You can learn more about Wild Wings from their website at or if you’re in the Rochester, NY area, you can visit their facilities at 27 Pond Road Honeoye Falls, NY 14472.

SR Scales will be demonstrating these scales and other veterinarian scales in booth number 2642 at the upcoming Western Veterinarian Conference in Las Vegas, NV, from March 6 – 10, 2016. More info on this event can be found at


Tooling up for the New Year!

January blog

As usual at this time of year in Western NY, the winds are blowing, temperatures are below freezing, and lake effect snow is in the forecast. Nevertheless, our manufacturing team is busy with new orders for our SR Scales.

Like other companies, as the old year was winding down and the New Year was approaching, we took the time to evaluate what additional tools would be most appropriate to add to our manufacturing systems line up.

As an ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility, we own and operate over a half-a-dozen CNC milling machines as well as a number of other production equipment. These tools enable us to take raw products, such as steel and other materials, then cut, drill, and assemble precision-made load cells with our electronic assemblies, displays, and scale platforms.

After discussions with our production managers and team members, we selected on a number of new devices to add to our production floor. The first is a Hydmech VW-18, precision miter saw. If you’ve been following our news releases this past year, you’ll note that we rolled out a new wall-mount scale, the SR7010i (see the press release here). This scale, along with its smaller version, the SR7000i (watch the video here), require precision-made frames to support the high-performance weighing platforms. Our new miter saw enables us to keep the frame production in-house along with better monitoring of cut tolerances for our wall mount scales and other product designs.

We then added a new vacuum lift system in our shipping department. This two-piece integrated lift system (Gorbell / Vaculux) enables our shipping department to more efficiently (and easily) move our scales in their shipping containers to final loading placement as we schedule their delivery to medical facilities across the country.

So as 2016 begins in earnest, we look forward to working with our customers and learning more about their requirements for weighing solutions and products. And admittedly, we also look forward to a warm spring and even warmer summer! Let us know if we can help your facility with a new scale this year – we can be reached at

Patents, Prototypes, and Rapid Production


One of the many advantages of being a niche medical device manufacturing firm is the ability to envision and rapidly create compelling new solutions for our customers. From the onset of our company’s founding back in 1973, our goal was to provide our customers with specific solutions that are finely tuned and engineered to their exacting requirements. This is even more critical in the medical equipment market where accuracy and attention to detail are paramount.

At SR Instruments, our engineering team is actively involved in creating innovative weighing solutions that can be rapidly designed, prototyped, and manufactured to meet tight production deadlines for our OEM customers. Our design team of engineers has a combined experience level of over 100 years in electrical, mechanical, and software design for weighing technologies. Combined with numerous patents on weighing systems, we can help our customers incorporate innovative designs and reliable components as part of their overall new product. Here’s a quick summary of our approach:

1) Define Your Product

Our design team can engage with your product managers to scope out your project. This comprehensive discovery process enables us to understand your goals for your new product. Topics covered in our initial discussions include:

  • Product definition
  • Systems integration and engineering design
  • Time-to-market needs and product life-cycle support

2) Prototype, Test, Refine.

Once a thorough understanding of the product requirements is obtained, we can begin the rapid prototyping process that enables you to quickly incorporate initial product concepts into your products. From CAD systems and 3D printing capabilities, to in-house manufacturing, your product can be quickly designed, built, and refined for final approval.

3) Approve and Produce

Once you have evaluated and approved your company branded, “SR Inside” solution, our own USA-based, ISO manufacturing facilities here in Western NY quickly produces, tests, and delivers final product to meet your time table.

Let us know if there’s a new product in your future – the solution may arrive quicker than you think!

Road Show – Coming to a Trade Show Near You!


Fall is one of our busier times for trade shows as we get a chance to meet with the people who are actively involved with either using our purpose-built scales or who provide recommendations to use products. It’s also a time for us to listen and gather information on how new features can be added to our current and future products under development to make them even better.

This year we are attending a number of new events in the medical space, as well as some of our traditional venues in our other markets. At many of these conferences and trade shows we’ll be demonstrating our new products. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you at one of these events, so stop by and say, “Hello!”

For more information and a full listing of dates and location for these events, please visit our News & Events webpage at:

And of course, we invite you to catch up on our new product videos we’ve been producing this year. You can view many of our new and innovative products and applications for our purpose-built weighing solutions on the SR YouTube Channel: