Microban Exclusivity Renewal

SR Scales – Still the Only One – For Microban Product Protection on Medical Scales!

This week we are thrilled to share that we have renewed our exclusivity agreement with Microban International. (See press release: http://bit.ly/SR-Scales-PR-Jan20-1.) This means that SR Scales continues to be the ONLY professional medical scale line that incorporates Microban antimicrobial product protection as a standard feature across the entire spectrum of its products.

Why Microban? Good Question!

When you consider the average hospital scale is touched by dozens of people on a daily basis, it is concerning to think how long a scale can remain clean even after being properly wiped down. Scales are typically deployed throughout a hospital to weigh patients every day and are often moved throughout a facility. This can potentially spread bacteria to multiple patients. How long before new microbes settle in on a clean medical device at a busy hospital? What does it take to combat the spread of bacteria on a scale? What options are available to manufacturers of medical equipment that would be proactive to employ at leading healthcare centers to help address these issues?

A few years ago we explored a number of technologies that were gaining attention in the medical equipment market, each addressing a different approach to these very questions. Part of our research into this project was to ensure that we could incorporate a solution into as many parts of our products, as well as being able to add that solution across all our product lines, not just on one common scale. After all, hospitals typically utilize a variety of scale types across their hospital systems. Everything from stand-on, wheelchair, stretcher, and pediatric scales are tools of the trade for weighing patients.

After reviewing a number of products, we decided to partner with Microban International, LTD., whose antimicrobial technology offered our products, and ultimately our customers with a solution in combating the growth of bacteria on a scale surface. Microban SilverShield® product protection is built into all critical surfaces of our scales and begins to work as soon as a micro-organisms comes into contact with the product surface. The technology then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a product without Microban protection.

Microban International, Ltd is a well-recognized leader in antimicrobial technologies. Their products have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and have a long history of safe, effective use. More information on how their technology works can be found on www.microban.com\sr-scales.

For hospital purchasing managers, infection prevention personnel, as well biomedical engineers looking to standardize on antimicrobial product protected scales throughout their facilities, SR Scales with Microban technology provide the largest selection of these scales on the market. So as hospitals begin adding newer scales to update their inventory of products, they can add scales with antimicrobial product protection as part of their program to promote a cleaner healthcare environment. SR Scales infused with Microban do not replace existing cleaning practices at medical facilities, but rather complement existing cleaning protocols.

Additional information on SR Scales infused with Microban product protection can be found on our website at: https://srinstruments.com/antimicrobial-scales.