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New Utility Cart from SR Scales Featuring Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection

Over time, our customers have requested an accessory cart to go along with their purchase of a pediatric scale. With the release of our SR635i pediatric scale with integrated cart, we’ve been able to provide a single, robust design that solves this problem. For other pediatric scales we manufacture, such as the SR615i and the SR241, if an accompanying cart is required, we have the SRC-100 that works with both of these scales.

Recently we were able to design a newer cart that is easier and more cost effective to ship. In addition, it matches our new SR635i scale that incorporates Microban® antimicrobial product protection on all touch surfaces. The SRC-600 is our newest, smooth-gliding cart featuring three shelves that can be used with our existing SR635i pediatric scale for storing additional supplies or as a multi-purpose stand-alone utility cart.  Product details are available at

Understanding Wall Mount Scale Applications for Medical Facilities

SR has the largest selection of platform scales that are designed to weigh patients in wheelchairs, ambulance gurneys, and hospital stretchers. Called Wall Mount Scales, these rugged platform scales neatly fold up when not in use, taking up less than four inches of wall space. If you’re unfamiliar with these types of scales and how they’re used at leading medical facilities, here’s a link to a more in-depth article:


We continue to review our products on a regular basis and are always seeking to add new features that will boost our scales’ effectiveness, as well as develop new models that advance our product offerings. Over the past several weeks we’ve announced several new products that have been added to our growing line of medical scales. Our family of wall mount scales has expanded to four models with the addition of the SR7005i. This ultra-slim wall mount scale is perfect for in-room applications or medical office buildings needing a reliable weighing platform that neatly folds up when not in use.

If you’re unfamiliar with wall mount scales and how they can be used in your medical facility, check out our series of short articles starting with “Wall Mount Scales – What Are They and Does My Hospital Need Them?”

Besides adding to our line of wall mount scales, this week we’re announcing the availability of AC-power options to three of our battery-powered stand-on scales. This new touchless weighing option enables these scales to always be on and instantly ready to take a patient’s weight without having to be manually activated. In addition to the scales not requiring manual activation to get a patient weight, the AC power option also saves time for busy health care professionals. Combined with our exclusive Microban antimicrobial product protection, these scales provide a great value to hospital systems looking to add new or replacement scales. This brings the total to five touchless weighing platforms from SR Scales. You can learn more from the press release at

Microban Exclusivity Renewal

SR Scales – Still the Only One – For Microban Product Protection on Medical Scales!

This week we are thrilled to share that we have renewed our exclusivity agreement with Microban International. (See press release: This means that SR Scales continues to be the ONLY professional medical scale line that incorporates Microban antimicrobial product protection as a standard feature across the entire spectrum of its products.

Why Microban? Good Question!

When you consider the average hospital scale is touched by dozens of people on a daily basis, it is concerning to think how long a scale can remain clean even after being properly wiped down. Scales are typically deployed throughout a hospital to weigh patients every day and are often moved throughout a facility. This can potentially spread bacteria to multiple patients. How long before new microbes settle in on a clean medical device at a busy hospital? What does it take to combat the spread of bacteria on a scale? What options are available to manufacturers of medical equipment that would be proactive to employ at leading healthcare centers to help address these issues?

A few years ago we explored a number of technologies that were gaining attention in the medical equipment market, each addressing a different approach to these very questions. Part of our research into this project was to ensure that we could incorporate a solution into as many parts of our products, as well as being able to add that solution across all our product lines, not just on one common scale. After all, hospitals typically utilize a variety of scale types across their hospital systems. Everything from stand-on, wheelchair, stretcher, and pediatric scales are tools of the trade for weighing patients.

After reviewing a number of products, we decided to partner with Microban International, LTD., whose antimicrobial technology offered our products, and ultimately our customers with a solution in combating the growth of bacteria on a scale surface. Microban SilverShield® product protection is built into all critical surfaces of our scales and begins to work as soon as a micro-organisms comes into contact with the product surface. The technology then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a product without Microban protection.

Microban International, Ltd is a well-recognized leader in antimicrobial technologies. Their products have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and have a long history of safe, effective use. More information on how their technology works can be found on\sr-scales.

For hospital purchasing managers, infection prevention personnel, as well biomedical engineers looking to standardize on antimicrobial product protected scales throughout their facilities, SR Scales with Microban technology provide the largest selection of these scales on the market. So as hospitals begin adding newer scales to update their inventory of products, they can add scales with antimicrobial product protection as part of their program to promote a cleaner healthcare environment. SR Scales infused with Microban do not replace existing cleaning practices at medical facilities, but rather complement existing cleaning protocols.

Additional information on SR Scales infused with Microban product protection can be found on our website at:

Introducing Our New Pediatric Scales!

Over the past several years we have introduced a number of new medical scales for a wide range of applications; from stand-on scales to extra-large in-floor dialysis and wall mount scales. The next area we wanted to update was our line of pediatric scales. So over the past several months we have been developing a new pediatric scale to address this need in our product line. Early feedback from a number of hospital systems has been positive.

Our new SR635i pediatric scale with integrated cart features a large contoured weighing surface that is easy-to-clean and comfortably weighs infants and toddlers up to 40 pounds. KG-only versions are available. And of course, the scale also features our exclusive Microban antimicrobial product protection on all surfaces of the integrated scale and cart. For applications where a cart is not needed, we offer a tabletop version, called the SR630i pediatric scale. You can learn more about these scales on our website at:

If your medical facility would like an onsite evaluation of one of these new pediatric scales, please call our office to schedule an appointment at your location, 800-654-6360, or email us at


See Us at APIC 2018

Last fall we introduced an antimicrobial additive to our scales. This is now a standard feature in all our stand-on, wheelchair, and wall mount scales (and at no additional cost). Over the past several months we’ve attended a number of medical events showcasing these new SR Scales with Microban® antimicrobial product protection. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive of this exciting development.

To learn more on how the antimicrobial technology works, you can download a free White Paper from our website

This month, we’ll be attending APIC 2018 in Minneapolis, MN (June 13 – 15, 2018). The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology’s (APIC) annual conference is the largest event of its kind for medical professionals specializing in infection prevention. More info on APIC can be accessed from the APIC website:

We’ll be in booth # 607. We cordially invite you to stop by and demo some of our antimicrobial scales. See you there!


New In-floor Scale for Hospitals and Dialysis Clinics

Here at SR, we’ve been building in-floor scales for decades. Our two primary models offered flexible sizes for weighing applications in dialysis centers and hospitals needing to weigh patients in wheelchairs or with walkers. This week we are announcing the availability of our largest in-floor weighing system to date – the SR463iR-4. The new built-in scale measures 4’ x 6’, can weigh patients in bariatric wheelchairs or hospital stretchers, and all with .1% accuracy. This brings our number of in-floor scale systems to three highly accurate scales. The wall mounted rotating display can be ordered with a built-in printer for confirmation of a patient’s weight. Standard for all our in-floor systems, our product warranty is four years. For more information on these made in the USA scales, you can access our press release at or call us at 800-654-6360.

SR Scales Introduces Antimicrobial Scales

This week we are excited to share that we have officially launched our antimicrobial scales featuring Microban® technology. SR Scales infused with Microban technology feature added protection against the growth of bacteria and the technology will be included in all our medical stand-on, wheelchair, and wall mount scales at no additional cost.

To help introduce our antimicrobial scales, we have put together a short video on this exciting development that can be viewed from this link:

As hospitals and medical centers with multiple locations seek to standardize on scales throughout their facilities, SR Scales provide a wide range antimicrobial products to select from for most every weighing application. SR Scales infused with Microban do not replace existing cleaning practices at medical facilities, but rather complement existing cleaning protocols. Surface areas that contain the antimicrobial protection include the platform, handrails, stanchions, display housing, keypad, and visible labeling.

A press release on the announcement can be accessed here:

For more information on Microban technology visit:

Wall Mount Scales – Which One is Right for Your Facility?

This week we announced in a press release the introduction of our newest member of wall mount scales, the SR7020i extra-large wall mount hospital stretcher scale. This brings our current lineup of space-saving wall mount scales to three models to choose from. So, which one is right for your facility? That depends upon your applications and where the scale is to be used.

Each of our three wall mount scales (the SR7000i, the SR7010i, and the new SR7020i) have this in common:

  • They all occupy less than four inches (4”) of wall space when not in use as the weighing platforms easily fold up against the wall. This helps keep hallways clear for people, staff, and equipment being transported.
  • They all have gas-assist springs for lowering and raising the platforms, making it safe and easy for caregivers to weigh patients.
  • Each of these scales comes with the longest warranty in the industry: FOUR YEARS.
  • They are made in the USA.
  • They all have a 1,000 lb capacity, and have the option for a printer output or serial data output for EHR systems.

Beyond that, each is designed for specialized applications, depending upon your requirements. Here’s a quick summary of each of these wall mount scales:

  • The SR7000i wall mount wheelchair scale is primarily used in environments like dialysis centers or long-term care facilities to monitor weight of patients restricted to wheelchairs. Wheelchair access can be for standard-sized devices or bariatric wheelchairs with a wheelbase of up to 40”. Top weighing surface is 24” x 40.75”. A video of the scale can be assessed here
  • The SR7010i is an ambulance gurney wall mount scale that is primarily designed for busy ER centers where incoming patients can be weighed on ambulance gurneys as needed. Of course, standard wheelchair weighing along with ambulatory patients can also be accommodated on this platform. Top weighing surface is 38” x 48”. For more information, you can see the product video here
  • The SR7020i is our newest wall mount scale and is designed for hospital stretcher scales where a longer platform is needed to weigh patients on large hospital stretchers. Top weighing surface is 38” x 58” while the entire weighing surface with ramps measures an impressive 38” x 67.2”. Additional specifications on this scale can be accessed here

You can view the entire line of our wall mount scales on our website at

Product of the Month – the SR755i, multi-purpose scale: a true workhorse for your hospital!

Over the years we’ve seen many of our scales develop positive reputations in the medical  community. One such scale that has been steadily relied upon by a variety of departments is the SR755i Multi-purpose Wheelchair scale.

This workhorse of a product has won the admiration of both nursing staff and biomedical personnel with its numerous features and rugged durability. In fact, we recently took one in for repair. We knew it was old from the model number which was a predecessor to the SR755i; same base but older display. However we didn’t know how old it was until we researched it and found it to be 20 years old! The scale was in remarkably good condition and repairs were only minor. We needed to recalibrate the load cells in the platform and replace the feet on the base of the unit. Once completed, the scale was ready to go and was shipped back to its owner with a new calibration certificate.

Beyond the rugged durability of the SR755i, its many features enable it to service a variety of departments within a medical or long-term care facility. A few of the many standout features of this popular scale include:

• Large 28” x 28” base, making it ideal as a bariatric stand-on scale (1000 lb capacity).
• Fold down ramps enable it to become an accurate wheelchair scale.
• Easy and safe for staff to transport from room to room with its “Tip and Go!” wheels and light-weight cast aluminum frame.
• Support handles are part of the weight surface, enabling patients to comfortably hold on for stability without affecting the weighing process.
• Made in the USA with a FOUR YEAR warranty – providing an improved ROI for purchasing departments.

We’ve provided a short product video that can be viewed here:

If your facility would like to evaluate an SR755i, give us a call at 716-693-5977 to arrange an onsite demonstration meeting with one of our nationwide representatives.